The Ormondy Condominium

Ormond By The Sea, Florida

The Ormondy Condominium
 1513 Ocean Shore Blvd. 
Ormond Beach, Florida 32176-3643
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Balcony Railings
Please check your balcony periodically for loose railings, rusty bolts, or loose concrete. Please notify Cynthia at the office if there is anything of concern . Maintenance repairs will be schedule at your convenience during normal maintenance hours.

General Building Maintenance
All of the Common Areas in the building and outside are checked daily/weekly for cleaning and maintenance. However, the building has residents, visitors, repairmen, and the environment on the move 24/7. If you notice a burned out light, a spill on a floor or wall, fingerprints on the mirrors and windows, or anything that has been missed, please call Cynthia in the office, or leave a phone message when the office is closed, or write a note on the note pad at the office front counter. 

Building Security
The Garage door is opened at 6:30 a.m. and closed after the Trash and Recycle Dumpsters are picked up every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Please be aware that anyone could walk into the garage during this time. Because security is everyone's responsibility, please know who you allow to enter through our locked doors. Please remember to pull doors closed behind you.
Thank you for participating in recycling cardboard, newspaper, cans, bottles, and 1-2-3 plastic. Waste Management requests that recycled materials not be put into plastic bags. The bags are not part of our recycling program. Also, if you breakdown/flatten cardboard, the bins will hold everyone's items.

Community Gas Grill

The grill by the pool is available for everyone at the Ormondy. Because of the community use, every user is responsible for keeping it clean. Grates on the grill need to be cleaned completely after every use. This prevents food from sticking on the grill making it much easier for you or the next user to cook their food. There is a good stiff wire brush at the grill area so each user can make certain the grill is clean and ready for the next person. Now to perform this little task, please observe the following:
First of all, it is better done after you grill and not before.
Once the grill has cooled down a bit, but is still warm, take the brush and clean off any remaining food particles.
It is much easier to clean off food particles while warmth is still present and not after the grate has cooled completely and food has hardened on the grate.
After you brush the grate and to get all that gunk off, just put a paper towel in your tongs, dip them in vegetable oil, and rub over the grate. The oil will get all that gunk off of the grates as well as disinfect the grill. The oil also helps to make those perfect grill marks on your burgers, hot dogs, or salmon.

Maintenance Corner:

If you are having any maintenance done to your unit that will involve any common area of the building (such as elevators, water connections, sprinkler system, fire system, etc.) please notify the office personnel at least one business day in advance. Certain precautions and planning need to be scheduled for safety reasons and insurance reasons.

If the Ormondy Staff or a neighbor is to grant access to your unit in your absence, please stop by the office and complete an authorization form for security purposes

Delivery and Maintenance

Delivery of large items: 
     must be made through the garage
     notify office one day in advance if elevators need padding

Maintenance workers with large ladders and tools
     must obtain entry through the garage
     notify office one day in advance if elevators need padding
     notify office one day in advance if maintenance involves any common area or equipment
     must sign in at the Office to obtain keys to access the building

Club Room, Exercise Room, and Outdoor Area

Be a Good Neighbor, please pick up, tidy up, empty the trash, wipe up any spills, etc.
Report any problems to the office. When the office is closed, please leave a note on the "notepad" on the counter.


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